Boss 101 Gets Release Date, New Trailer, a Billion Boss Encounters

Max’s brother Chris hurt himself and is in the hospital.  Earth is under the control of a robot empire.  Max wants to make a cool video for his brother and what could be more epic than shutting down the jump-gates that allow the robots to access Earth?  With his robot friend S.T.E.V.E acting as a jetpack Max starts clearing out the bosses and freeing sectors of space one jump-gate at a time, with each new level being guarded by a unique boss built from a randomized collection of parts.  Boss 101 is a gigantic boss-rush horizontal shooter bursting with bright colors and creativity, and it just got a release date of November 2 to go with its shiny new launch trailer.

While the main focus of Boss 101 is the endless progression of giant bullet-spraying bosses, it also feels like a game where any idea no matter how weird found a home.  Max can go into battle carrying two weapons, one of which is an initially-weak but upgradeable machine gun and the other being one of fifteen different weapon types, fourteen of which have three power levels.  Almost 300 different hats, which are actually stat-enhancing costumes you can wear for show, equip for effect, or both are available for purchase or earned by achievements.  There’s a hill where Max and S.T.E.V.E can hang out chatting while flying a kite, chilling out and enjoying the day.  Each of the 30 levels has a short intro and outro scene that builds up the story, creating a surprisingly detailed universe to shoot through.  Each boss has a random bit of dialogue when you meet it, frequently a knock-knock joke.  Random visitors drop by headquarters bringing pets with them to fill up the menagerie, and you can equip one to follow you around the base.  Most levels have a gopher you can rescue, and there’s a completely useless but very fun prize for rescuing them all.  There’s even an arcade machine with clones of Breakout, a tank game, and Wizard of Wor.  Basically, Boss 101 is packed to its robotic gills with anything that could be shoehorned in.  Check out the trailer below to get a look at a tiny little slice of what Boss 101 has to offer.