Kennedy’s War the Next World of Tanks War Story

Not too long ago, released the first couple of War Stories chapters, short single or cooperative campaigns for console players that want to cut their teeth and grind experience points without taking the fight to other people. Filled with some interesting comic book styled art and vicious enemy AI, the concept is enamoring. Well, the one that I’ve really been waiting for, Kennedy’s War, has a release date: October 17.

Free to download and enjoy, this tale centers around an alternate take on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Tensions are rising as the US and Soviet Union vie for domination. The Soviets decide to install some pesky nukes in a strategically worrisome spot, Cuba, and there is no better way to diffuse the situation with some diplomatically applied tank shells. Players will take the role of SGT Dale Reese in an M41 Bulldog variant, dubbed the 2506 Tank, as he works with allies to stem the spread of red. It’s all pretty silly, and it’s meant to be. Frankly, it’s also an incredibly interesting time period and I’m looking forward to seeing what this tale has to offer.

As an aside, the developer has also confirmed that they are putting the final touches on the next iteration of the main game. Optimized for 4K, with full HDR support, World of Tanks will fully support the Xbox One X the day it launches in early November.