Michel Ancel Eager For New Rayman 3D Game

While there hasn’t necessarily been anything wrong with Rayman’s more 2.5D-orientated adventures as of late, it’s been nearly fifteen years (or five years if you include the HD remaster for PS3 & Xbox 360) since one of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises has seen a major numbered 3D entry, outside of its many spin-offs and as stated the series’ transition to more side-scrolling iterations in the past few years.

Michel Ancel, the original creator of the Rayman series, however has recently expressed his interest in the limbless protagonist making a return to more three-dimensional antics. And while he may be hard at work on not one but two upcoming titles — both the prehistoric-themed, open-World adventure Wild, as well as the eagerly anticipated Beyond Good & Evil 2 — a quick comment on his Instagram page shows that he’s keen to “bring back” Rayman for a fourth adventure. Ending the post with a perhaps not-so-subtle message aimed at Ubisoft: “don’t let heroes die”.

With the recent resurgence of 3D adventure-platformers, now might indeed be as good a time as any for Rayman 4, for lack of an official title…or indeed confirmation.