Cloud 9, You’re our only Hope, Part Duex

This is becoming a staple of NA League of Legends teams and if you frequent my postings about League, this title may sound familiar.

Two years ago NA historically had the worst second week of any region ever at Worlds and it can never be topped. We went 0-10 losing every single game to make it to the knockout stage and even the tiebreak game. The next year we didn’t go 0-10, but CLG and TSM were defeated leaving the sturdy C9 boys to carry the NA torch. Spoiler they lost.

Unfortunately, C9 has the hardest group to make it out of with SKT T1, EDG, and ahq in it. Their saving grace? EDG has been one of the best team’s in the group, but can’t finish a game if their life depended on it. Seriously, they were up 12k gold on SKT and lost somehow. So, all C9 has to do is win two games and they’re in. That’s it. This is going to go horribly wrong.

It’s a foregone conclusion that SKT is going to win out today. If they don’t we’ve got a group stage on our hands, but they’re the best team in the world so banking on a loss from them is just dumb. C9 is currently second in the group at 2-1 and start out the night against EDG, which is a blessing and a curse because they’re technically the worst team in the group, but then you remember they’re EDG and they really really really don’t want to get shut out at home, at Worlds.

So, at approximately 12 a.m. CDT lift your hands and give C9 all your energy. Please do so again at 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., because C9 is our only hope at making it to the knockout stage.