David Cage Confirms Detroit: Become Human’s Arabic Localization

Quantic Dream studio head David Cage has confirmed that Detroit: Become Human will be localized in Arabic.

The Detroit: Become Human writer and director attended Gamers’ Day in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this week and revealed that Quantic Dream’s highly anticipated title will support the Arabic dialect.

Detroit was announced at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference in 2015.

According to Cage, Detroit: Become Human will “be about eight to ten hours long,” as well as comparing its length to Quantic Dream’s last two titles: Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream showed off a trailer for Detroit at E3 2017, which revealed the third and final playable character in the title: Markus (Jesse Williams).

Valorie Curry’s Kara featured in Detroit’s Paris Games Week trailer — appearing first in the PlayStation 3 tech demo Kara — and Bryan Dechart’s Connor debuted in last year’s E3 trailer.

In 2016, Cage said that Detroit had a “complex script,” which consisted of “thousands and thousands of pages.”

Detroit: Become Human will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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