Analogue Super Nt Announced and Open for Pre-Orders

Gamers who want the most authentic experience possible when revisiting SNES games should not look to the SNES Classic but the newly-announced Analogue Super Nt. This follows in the line of high-end Analogue consoles.

The Analogue Super Nt differs from Nintendo’s official offering in a few key ways. One, it uses FPGA microcontroller rather than emulation to run its games. It also features an actual cartridge slot which supports a vast array of SNES titles as well as accessories such as the Super Gameboy.

Controllers aren’t included by default, but you do get a discount on a wireless 8Bitdo SN30 by pre-ordering the Analogue Super Nt. There are four color variations for the console and each is up for pre-order for $189.99.

Here’s a video showcasing the quality of audio and video you can expect with the device: