Destiny 2 Finally Hits PC Next Week

Destiny 2 will finally make its PC debut next week on Blizzard’s app.

PC players longing to see what the Destiny franchise is all about won’t have to wait much longer. Destiny 2 is finally coming to PC next week, and it’s bringing a whole lot of PC exclusive features to it. However, the only way to get and play the game is through Blizzard’s Battle,net app. The game won’t be released on Steam.

Much like the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, Destiny 2 on PC includes all the features that launched on those platforms, and those that have been added since launch. The PC version will also support advanced features the consoles just couldn’t handle. This includes 4K resolution support, an uncapped framerate, custom key mapping, and HDR among other features.

Destiny 2 is out October 24 on PC, unlocking at 10am PDT.