Far Cry Absolution Announced

Assassin’s Creed is not the only Ubisoft franchise to have an upcoming game that is also getting a prequel novelization. Far Cry Absolution is an upcoming novel based on Far Cry 5 by Urban Waite and is due out February 13, 2018. Far Cry Absolution will be available in eBook, hardcover ($27.99), and mass market paperback ($9.99). Taking place before the events of Far Cry 5 in Montana, the fictional town of Fall’s End is in the early stages of the infestation of the fanatical cult Project at Eden’s End. With the local authorities proving to be absolutely useless in shutting down the cult, barkeep Mary May Fairgrave decides to take on this organization herself. This would be nothing short of a suicide mission, but long time cultist William Boyd steps in and their paths become intertwined. Some early impressions of a Far Cry 5 demo can be read in this preview.