Gundam Mobile Game is Headed West

Bandai Namco Shanghai and KingNet recently finished a Closed Beta for GUNDAM Battle, an iOS and Android game utilizing the Gundam IP. The Closed Beta was successful, with the 3D action mobile game getting some industry-leading traction among its contemporaries. As such, KingNet and Bandai Namco have seen fit to ship the game over here in the West. The Closed Beta had 21 playable mobile suits, with matching pilot audio packs. The lineup included recognizable machines from Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Zeta Gundam, and even 08th MS Team. Of course, the much-popular Barbatos managed to get into the running with this too. For those unfamiliar with the plethora of Gundam properties, here is the bottom line: GUNDAM Battle is an action game where players can use a variety of differently functioning robots. The Closed Beta had a more head-to-head Arena mode, a single player Story mode, and a cooperative Team Battle mode. Notably, Team Battle supports up to three players, features better skills, and was limited to only one boss a day.

See a short trailer for GUNDAM Battle below. GUNDAM Battle is headed West next year.