Shiny Silvally Available for Pokémon Sun and Moon Next Week

The Pokémon giveaways continue with Silvally! This Pokémon is very unique as there is only one available throughout the game after evolving from Type: Null. Now, you can add another by picking up a Shiny Silvally for your copy of Sun and Moon.

This event occurs from October 23 until November 13 at participating GameStop and EB Games locations. You receive a card with the code and details on how to obtain Silvally. Currently, we know it comes with its signature Multi-Attack move and RKS System ability. Attach a memory disc as the held item to give it a boost in power.

A fun theory of this Silvally could stem from the fact that there were only three Type: Null created. Gladion sets one free, players receive the other after becoming champion and this could perhaps be the final one after evolving. Grab your code card next week to get this special Pokémon!