Dissidia Final Fantasy NT North American Box Art Revealed

Square Enix has published the final version of the box art Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will ship with in North America.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT may be a few months away from release, but Square Enix has revealed what kind of art the game will come packaged with. Turns out, the North American box art is actually really boring.

The art features the Warrior of Light, Lightning, and Cloud Strife standing in front of a plain background with purple clouds around them. It’s pretty boring compared to the brawler edition, or Dissidia 012 on PSP, which featured almost every character in the game. The box does feature the ‘Only on PlayStation’ branding, which means it is unlikely to arrive on other platforms.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game featuring over 20 Final Fantasy characters from all mainline and spin-off games. The game’s story has no connection to the story established in the PSP games.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out January 30, 2018 exclusively on PS4.