Next Major LawBreakers Update Coming October 19

Boss Key Productions is continuing support for their underrated, immensely fun multiplayer shooter, LawBreakers. This is only a good thing, as the game deserves an audience. Coming October 19 is a huge update for the title, dubbed the All-Star Update. Free for all owners of LawBreakers, it comes with quite a bit in the way of goodies.

First up are two new maps. Gateway is a Blitzball Arena floating in the sky. Then there is the Redfalls Blood Moon map, a redesigned take on the already existing Redfalls arena, one of the better maps in the game. Additionally, this content drop will include:

–        Balance adjustments

–        Multi-region queuing

–        Improved tutorials

–        New Blitzball Sports themed character and weapon skins

–        Profile icons and kick decals

–        More than 120 new items including All-Star themed item in the special, time-limited All-Star Stash-drops

New skins for weapons and characters, and fresh profile icons are pretty cool and I hope these keep coming. The kick decals are much less so. Basically, these are different foot prints that a player sees if they died by kick. This, and the weapon stickers, are pointless box fillers for the cosmetic loot crates the player earns while leveling up or through purchases.

Saving the biggest addition for last, this content update also introduces the competitive ranked mode, Boss Leagues. This ladder based mode will allow for solo and duo queuing, and players will have to fight their way up the ranks through six different tiers to reach the highest accolades. Ten matches will need to be played before being assigned an initial ranking, but that’s not exactly a detriment. People interested in earning their place on the boards will be playing plenty more than that.

The League will kick off with Beta Season Zero. As the name implies, this is intended to allow the developer to gather information to improve the number seasons. Though zero is a number, too. Participants in Season 0 will receive exclusive profile icons and silver weapon skins. Because of that alone, expect to see me there. So, that’s at least one easy target for the determined players. Check out the video below for more details.