This Rogue Trooper Redux Launch Trailer Won’t Make You Blue

To the surprise of many, Rebellion decided to remaster their cult classic title, Rogue Trooper. The 2006 game was one to the harbingers of the cover based shooter craze with gameplay that hold up surprisingly well, but it’s also not the highest on the list of titles that people have been clamoring to revisit. Hopefully, this adaptation of the 2000 AD comic will find the expanded fanbase that it really deserves. Of course, we will have a full review of the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC release once we’ve gotten our time with it in.

In the meantime, the developer has released the obligatory launch trailer that details exactly what this title has to offer. Expect a good dose of genetically modified neck snapping, futuristic gunplay, and explosions to add the exclamation point to the battle for the Nu Earth.