War Dragons Launches First Major Expansion

Things have been quiet on the news front lately with the 3D real time strategy game War Dragons, but that changes today with the launch of their first major expansion called Atlas. Atlas opens up the world of War Dragons to reveal an open sandbox for players to conquer and explore. This world will constantly be updated and changed based on decisions made by players. Territory held by players will greatly influence how the world takes shape, so the breeding of powerful dragons, constructing powerful defenses and forming wise alliances will now play a significant role in the world, and these choices should now be made based on how someone wishes to mold the world.

The developers of Atlas acknowledge that War Dragons is nothing without its community, and Atlas allows for a more rewarding War Dragons experience where players can interact with each other and find creative ways to overcome foes, whether it be through combat, bribery, traps or any number of ways that players can devise to achieve their objective. Development of Atlas began in 2016 with a select group of players which allowed it to continually evolve into the state it has currently reached. Atlas will be available to select players in iOS and Android.