NES Versions of Freddy and Jason Receive 8-Bit Funko Pop!s

Creepy times are coming with Halloween fast approaching which makes it the perfect time for this announcement. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are two horror icons and sure have a huge following. Fans will be happy to know there are two new Funko Pop!s coming based on their NES debuts. They won’t be available until winter but you can still plan for frightening fun!

These 8-Bit versions of the popular characters are a callback to the old days. It was announced that Freddy will have a Pop! figure colored in orange and yellow after his 1990 NES version. There is also a Jason coming in the classic blue and purple outfit seen in the 1989 video game. Both figures are going to be exclusive to GameStop locations.

The two are set to be available in January so your spooky fun can continue well into winter. Take a look at both of them in the images below. There were a couple of other 8-Bit Pop!s announced as well including Ninja Turtles and Alien.