Save a Sheep’s Soul in the Overcrowded Dungeons of Skein

Dungeons and monsters go together like ice cream and chocolate goo.  Dig a series of rooms and corridors deep into the earth and it should only take a few days before the spiders move in, and maybe a week tops before you get your first kobold.  Like any ecosystem, though, it requires a little pruning now and then to avoid becoming completely overgrown, but whatever’s in charge of the dungeons of Skein has fallen down on the job.  The place isn’t merely infested but rather completely overrun, packed wall-to-wall with ghosts, burning skulls, minotaurs, scorpions, ogres, slimes, beholders, and many more critters and beasties comprising a huge menagerie of adventurer-devouring viciousness.  It’s a madhouse down there, and anyone venturing into Skein’s catacombs needs an arsenal of overpowered spells and abilities to carve their way through the throng.

Skein is an arcade dungeon-crawl where a team of six characters ate the wrong sheep and need to atone for their mistake.  As it turns out, the sheep had the soul of a warrior bound to it, so while they can’t un-eat it they can venture into the underworld of The Skein to retrieve his original body and stuff his soul back in.  The Skein, however, doesn’t let anything go easily, so the heroes will need some serious firepower to get through, which thankfully isn’t much of a problem for them.  The three character classes come with 25 spells apiece, there are another 25 usable by everyone, plus they stack to allow truly ludicrous amounts of monster-frying devastation.  There are thousands of beasts, monsters, demons, creatures, and other unclassifiable horrors creating the punishing gauntlet of Skein, but with the right loot and a good mix of abilities you might just be able to save the soul of an unlucky but very tasty sheep.

Skein releases sometime in November, so check out the launch trailer below to see the dungeon-crunching carnage in action.