TOMY Shows Off New Line of Pokémon Toys in Commercial

TOMY has been creating Pokémon toys for years and are now getting into the Sun and Moon series. The company has been releasing short videos of some products a couple of months ago but now a commercial to promote the entire line has been released.

Fans can look forward to a number of characters and gear to start their own Pokémon journey. We see a couple of belts which can be equipped with PokéBalls. Then, launch into battle with a number of Pokémon. Litten, Rowlett, Popplio, Togedemaru and more are available. Older generations of Pokémon include Abra, Pikachu and Pichu. You can even find a large Snorlax figure that has movable hands as well as Ash Ketchum himself. Legendary adventures await as Solgaleo and Lunala both receive toys for an epic showdown.

Some stores and retail locations have them listed for sale already! Check out the commercial posted below for a look at everything you can catch.