Desert Child Kickstarter Campaign Now Underway

Well, it was subtly hinted at in the last Screenshot Saturday, but now it’s official: The Kickstarter campaign for developer Oscar Brittain’s hoverbike racing RPG Desert Child has now begun, with $12,001 (in Australian currency) set as its funding goal. Set on a ruined Earth in the future, the game sees you traveling around with a vintage hoverbike in order the compete in races necessary to compete in a championship that allows you to gain enough money to get off this stinkin’ planet.

The pixelated races look quite fast-paced & incredible in action (as you can see below in the trailer), but there’s a lot more to the game, unsurprisingly. You’ll be able to explore entire cities to learn various secrets and stories, take on side missions such as bounty hunting, customize your bike in various ways, and unlock new music to listen to, among other things. So if you’re interested in some old-school hoverbike action, you can check out the campaign here, and maybe even contribute its funding and possible stretch goals. If all goes well, desert Child should be available for Steam next year with Switch and PS4 releases in the future, so here’s hoping it succeeds.