Evil Shift Controllers Launch Date and Price Revealed

Originally announced back in June as the optimal controller for competitive esports, the Evil Shift controllers will begin shipping November 9 and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and all Xbox One consoles. The Evil Shift controllers will feature paddles on the back of the controller that can be mapped to any button configuration and allow for easy utilization of all fingers in any game. The paddles feature instant touch technology that can be pressed, tapped or shifted with any desired level of force for an immediate difference in gameplay. The lightweight design and ergonomic paddle placement allow for a comfortable grip and eliminate the risk of accidental button presses. The buttons and paddles are designed for durability and able to last through millions of clicks. Button mapping can be done on the fly through a process that has been simplified to allow it to be done in seconds. The Evil Shift controllers will feature three different thumbstick heights that can be swapped in and out without any additional tools required, which can allow the player to opt to use a taller stick for trickier sniper shot or a lower stick for slower, more deliberate movements. Multiple profiles may be saved to the controller, allowing players to customize multiple button mapping to quickly shift between different games or different types of games, say FPS profile vs. tournament fighting or RPG profile. Evil Shift controllers have MSRP of $169.99 and may be preordered from Evil Controller’s website.