Immortal Vanguard Expansion Hits Duelyst on November 14

Counterplay Games’ Duelyst is still a surprisingly fun mash-up of collectible card games and turn-based strategy, but like any successful CCG, the developers have no plans on stopping any major expansions full of more content anytime soon. And thus we have the next giant update to the game in the form of Immortal Vanguard, an expansion due out next month on November 14.

This fresh set will contain new mechanics and over one hundred new cards, but Counterplay isn’t ready to reveal them all just yet. Instead, they’re continuing their tradition of having a “spoiler season” up until the release, with new content being revealed each weekday over social media and the official forums. But they have shown off one major addition: Six new generals to play with at the center of your team, the first new ones since the game debuted, with unique spells that you can check out on the game’s official site. It looks like a grand addition indeed, so keep an eye on Duelyst for this new content in the days to come.