A Look at Gears of War 4’s Xbox One X Enhancements

The Xbox One X is on the horizon, so more and more companies are showing off what they’re able to accomplish with the extra horsepower.

Today, The Coalition and Microsoft Studios have released a trailer for last year’s Gears of War 4, showcasing the various improvements that the new console will bring. This includes a true 4K experience, HDR wide color gamut and contrast ratio, “up to” 60FPS in a performance mode, and Dolby Atmos 3D Audio. In addition, The Coalition has enhanced the light shafts, dynamic shadows, draw distances, character textures and more.

This is an incredibly beefy update that will hopefully not only please fans, but bring in a whole new set of gamers looking for a definitive Xbox One X experience into the fray. This free update will be made available when the Xbox One X launches on November 7 for all who own the game.