Check Out Fifteen Minutes of Radio the Universe

Radio the Universe kind of occupies the same space as Omori, in that both are games that had successful, popular Kickstarter campaigns, but as years of development pass, you tend to forget about them slightly in between major updates. But developer 6e6e6e has dropped a new clip with fifteen minutes of gameplay for their dark, top-down sci-fi action game, and indeed, it’s looking like this is shaping up to be a game that’s definitely worth the wait.

Showcasing part of a full gameplay session (with a few cuts for time purposes), we see our heroine traversing the ruined futuristic city they wake up in, having to utilize various weaponry to deal with robotic enemies (including a massive boss) while avoiding obstacles such as flame jets and electrified floors. We also get to see them interact with various machinery, including pay phones that lead to rather mysterious messages. The true highlight is the stunning hi-bit visuals, though, which have taken a rather large leap from those seen in the initial campaign. No word on a release window for Radio the Universe yet, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on it.