Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Includes Micro Transactions and Friends Lists

It wouldn’t be an Animal Crossing title without being able to play alongside friends, and Pocket Camp makes sure to have that covered. Players will be able to meet strangers on their journey to improve their camp sites, and have the chance to sell one another items or give praise to show thanks. For those who are close and want to buddy up, friends can exchange codes and see each other on a more regular basis while enjoying their camp life.

While Micro Transactions often leave people a little hesitant when it comes to mobile games, Pocket Camp makes sure to have a good balance for those who want to take either route by also being free to play. There’s no need to worry about any pay to win features here, just a way to move things along a little bit faster. Players can purchase Leaf Tickets with real money in order to be used as necessary materials or even speed up the time it takes to build a new key location. For those not wanting to pay real money to Tom Nook, there are plenty of other ways to earn Leaf Tickets through natural progression during gameplay.

These features create a brand new way for fans to enjoy their favorite series. Make friends in an instant and get jobs done quicker. Other additions to the tried and true formula will be fun to check out in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp once it becomes available next month.