The Kinect is Officially Dead

In an interview with Co.Design with Alex Kipman, creator of the Kinect, it was revealed that the Kinect is no longer being manufactured. The Kinect camera unit had seen multi-console use all the way back to the Xbox 360 up through the release of the Xbox One (which it was included with), but it wasn’t enough to save it in the end.

The Kinect may be done, but that doesn’t mean its legacy is. Kinect v4 and v5 are being used to power Microsoft’s Hololens, which Kipman created. Kinect has also influenced companies like Apple to create the Siri voice assistant and Google making its own 3D tracking system named Project Tango, founded by Johnny Lee who helped design the original Kinect.

While the Kinect may have been influential to other companies, even being used in a professional manner in work places, it was unfortunately subject to the wraith of an audience that can be quite critical at times: gamers. Microsoft had a major problem facing them, with the announcement of both the Xbox One and PS4 neck-to-neck (a three-week difference), the PS4’s accessibility for developers, matched with a price point for consumers helped seal the deal. It was cheaper, didn’t seem as invasive with an ‘always online status’ and didn’t come with a camera that could track one’s every move, while being locked to the very people trying to make product for the Xbox.

Rest easy Kinect, you might not be on store shelves, but you helped change the world, even if most people don’t know it.