Prism Queen Receives First Trailer, Kickstarter Coming Next Year

We last got a look at Prism Queen over the summer. Today, Dahku Creations posted the first footage of the game to show off shooting, enemies, and some of the environment. Everything revealed is still in early development but there is already a lot to look forward to.

Prism Queen pays homage to games such as Mega Man. Players control the titular character and others through various locations in a side-scrolling action platforming style. As seen in the video below, there are different powers to use such as the ability to reflect attacks. Enemies can be killed by shooting them and some can even die when dropping items on top of them. Blasts can also be reflected by objects to hit items out of range. There are underwater areas to some levels, dark interiors and lava-filled rooms.

The team plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2018. There are currently no rewards or details listed about the crowdfunding aspect. Watch the debut trailer below for a closer look at the action and stay tuned for more information.