Ghostbusters Released for The Pinball Arcade

It’s Halloween weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a couple rounds of the Ghostbusters pinball?  While tracking down an actual machine in the wild might take some searching, the Ghostbusters pinball has been added to The Pinball Arcade as of today, making for the fastest turnaround ever between physical and digital versions.  The original version is from 2016, a hair over a year old depending on how good your local distribution is, and while my initial impressions were that it was a bright, fun table that had a few technical issues to iron out, once those were taken care of and the table slowed down a bit with use it became a much kinder but still difficult machine.  It’s still a bit of a beast but the nice thing about getting to play without it costing $1 a pop means a bad game is much more easily recovered from.

The odd thing about Ghostbusters, though, is that it was originally supposed to be part of Stern Pinball Arcade rather than the normal Pinball Arcade.  Fairly obviously plans changed along the way, and it seems likely that splitting up the releases between two versions wasn’t working out.  Ghostbusters commands a premium price, clocking in at $9.99 rather than the standard $4.99, which makes sense for a pinball still getting major distribution.  If you’re feeling cheap, though, the PC version at least seems to be set to free-play despite the description to the contrary.  Usually playing the trial version means you get kicked out once you post a high score, which is usually set to give you a fair taste of the game, but when testing I found I was able to clear 200 million without a peep of complaint.  Whether that means Ghostbusters is free(ish) for the Halloween weekend or that’s a bug to squash is a mystery, but it’s worth getting a few good rounds in while available.  Of course, you don’t get to chase the table goals without paying, so if you’re in the mood for a bright, fast, and flashy round of pinball (with truly excellent table art) it’s well worth springing for the full experience.