Nintendo Shows Off Guide on How to Transfer Data from Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been having a great 2017. Ever since the hype of its reveal to the massive launch of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, things aren’t slowing down. Now, players can look forward to Super Mario Odyssey to keep them busy. However, some may have be in need of a new feature that was implemented in the latest Nintendo Switch update.

The ability to transfer saved data from one console to another is definitely helpful in some situations. Perhaps someone spent so many hours playing games on yours that they finally decided to get their own! So, of course they would want all the time and energy spent to be ready and waiting. A new video has been posted by Nintendo to show off a step by step guide on how to successfully transfer data over.

It seems pretty simple, just follow the procedure as it appears. It may take longer depending on how much content is being moved. If you purchased anything under your file on the old one, it won’t make it over but will be available to re-download via the eShop. Check out the video below for all the information you need!