Game Gifting Listed in Latest Xbox One Preview Build

Currently in testing for Xbox One Insiders, the latest software update will be providing quite a bit of content for Xbox One users. A lot of these features are in line for the Xbox One X launch. The biggest update will be the ability to buy a game or subscription as a gift for another user. The option will be for select games and will be listed under said game or subscription that is available. Currently, this is available for gamertags in the Preview Alpha. This will also allow any console with that gamertag to conduct the gifting. According to the patch notes, gifting of “durable” game DLC (map packs, weapon skins, etc.) is supported, but the gifting of “consumable” game DLC (virtual currency, etc.) is not supported.

The update will also allow users to setup their new Xbox One X via the Xbox One iOS or Andoid app. Also included will be new notifications and a lot of interface and intuitive improvements. Going back to the gifting, there are quite a bit of rules involved. When a particular item is discounted, users are allowed to send two (2) gifts of that item every fourteen (14) days. The 14-day clock starts once the first copy is purchased at discount. Once the limit for that item is reached, users will not be able to purchase that item again as a gift until the 14-day period is over, even if the product is no longer discounted. Users are allowed to send ten (10) total gifts at discount every 14 days. There are no limits on items that are at full price. Not all Xbox One games are available for gifting, including some XPA titles. Other rules are below:

• Xbox 360 backward compatible games and consumable DLC (such as virtual currency) are not eligible for gifting.

• Pre-ordered games and pre-ordered durable DLC are not eligible for gifting.

• Digital codes can only be redeemed in the country/region where they were purchased.

• Refunds for digital gifts are not supported, nor can entitlements for content or subscriptions be transferred once redeemed.