Paris Games Week: Concrete Genie Revealed For PS4, Drops Jaws

Well, so far Paris Games Week has been filled with several pleasant surprises from Sony, making one wonder just where the heck all of this was during E3. But in all serious, one of the most unexpected treats came from developers PixelOpus, as their new game Concrete Genie was unveiled during PlayStation’s big media event. And as you can see from the initial reveal trailer below, it does look quite impressive indeed.

Playing on the themes of escapism, you play as a a bullied teenager named Ash who crafts his own worlds and creatures, eventually discovering that his creations can actually purify his abandoned hometown of Denska. So now its up to him to try and bring the city back to life while avoiding bullies, spreading lavish graffiti all over the buildings, where you’ll be able to customize just what Ash can create. To see it all looks stunning is an understatement, so stay tuned for more details on Concrete Genie as they arrive in the future.