Paris Games Week: Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Features Third Playable Character Kara

Back when the game was officially revealed, coincidentally at Paris Games Week in 2015, we were first introduced to Kara — who it turned out would be just one of the game’s main protagonists players will take control of in Quantic Dream’s upcoming title, Detroit: Become Human. Fast forward two years and with two separate demos focusing on similarly-android characters Connor and Marcus respectively, Sony have finally given context to Kara’s place in the world of Detroit with a brief new gameplay trailer. And safe to say the backdrop and circumstances Kara’s dropped into, aren’t easy viewing.

Taking place in the home of a single-father, Todd Williams and his daughter Alice, Kara — functioning as a housekeeper — quickly learns the distressing truth behind what is, on the surface alone, a troublesome and unstable father-daughter relationship. And in usual Quantic Dream fashion, things quickly spiral into a slew of player-made decisions and inevitable consequences that will have to be made and no doubt will have some manner of repercussion in the grand scheme of things.

Similarly to previous title Heavy Rain, your player-character can of course “die” by way of your actions with the narrative continuing to progress one way or another. We still have no firm release date outside of a vague targeting of 2018 on PS4 however. Check out the new trailer below.