Paris Games Week: Guacamelee 2 Officially Revealed

Well, Sony started off their reveals for Paris Games Week quite strong, announcing an unexpected but highly-welcome sequel to one of the best indie platformers they helped make famous, Guacamelee. With the Mask of Vengeance representing a new threat, it’s time for Guacamelee 2. And this time, there’s even more chicken action than before. No, seriously.

Yes, in addition to the classic colorful metroidvania beat-’em-up action seen below, a gameplay preview also showed that your chicken form will be able to learn new abilities such as the Chicken Shot to be used in combat, courtesy of the Chicken Priest. Aside from that, expect a ton of puzzles and challenges based around shifting dimensions again, if the footage so far is any indication. Guacamelee 2  is due out in 2018, and should easily be one of next year’s highlights.