It’s A Walk in the Park for The Surge’s First DLC Expansion

Deck13’s The Surge is about to receive its first add-on DLC and while its name might suggest things are a little easier and fairer this time round, make no mistake about it, Deck13’s sci-fi themed action RPG will be no less challenging, even if the surroundings are a bit more vibrant and colorful. A Walk in the Park sees players taken outside the confines of CREO industrial complex and into a CREO-built theme park which, like the main setting, has suffered from the same disastrous events leading into the game’s story and narrative.

CREO World promises a series of branching paths and secrets to discover, but not without the same dose of relentless combat and foes ready and waiting around numerous corners. The DLC will also provide new weapons, armor and implants to upgrade your character with. An expanded edition of the game, dubbed the Complete Edition, will also be available — featuring the game plus all the add-on DLC already available — when it launches alongside A Walk in the Park sometime this December for PS4, Xbox One & PC.