Super Mario Odyssey Sells Two Million Copies in Just Three Days

While sales of Nintendo games in general may not be as high as they once were more than a decade ago, no one can deny that Mario’s name alone has maintained its lofty popularity and recognition in the world of video games, long before you actually get stuck into the famous plumber’s latest outing. And while the consensus from critics prior to release certainly painted Mario’s latest entry, Super Mario Odyssey, to be a somewhat promising affair, it looks like the general populous have matched the pre-release buzz as it’s been revealed during Nintendo’s latest results briefing that the game has, in the space of three days, already sold through in excess of two million copies.

Speaking on the release, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said of the game: “By releasing this product against a backdrop of maintained and growing buzz around Nintendo Switch, which also has continually high usage rates, we think this will give us a big edge heading into the holiday season.” The presence of a Super Mario Odyssey bundle will certainly help in giving Nintendo a promising holiday period this year, so we’ll have to see how far Mario can go in the lead up to 2017’s end.