Devolver Digital Reveals The Red Strings Club, A Cyberpunk Adventure

It’s been quite a while since Devolver Digital and developers Deconstructeam teamed up, with their last game, Gods Will Be Watching, having been released over three years ago. Well, the duo are now back and ready to deliver another pixelated point-and-click adventure game in the form of The Red Strings Club, a cyberpunk tale about mixing cocktails and taking down huge corporations (with VA-11 Hall-A apparently having started such an oddly specific trend).

Centering around the bartender of the title hangout and their freelance hacker friend, the two set out to stop the supposedly altruistic Supercontinent Limited from releasing their Social Psyche Welfare system, which apparently can rid people of issues such as depression and fear, which the duo see as potential brainwashing. And as seen in the reveal trailer below, the game will also tackle several other themes as our heroes deal with a colorful supporting cast. It looks like an intriguing adventure game indeed, and we’ll see if The Red Strings Club does indeed make for a good hangout when it comes to PC in January 2018.