Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Shows Off Various Villains and Legends to Encounter

Days ago we received word of more Pokémon new coming. Today, we get to find out what it’s all about! The release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is only two weeks away which means it’s time to pack in as much information as possible without giving everything away.

The Pokémon games always feature a team of villains up to no good. Now, you can take all of them on at once with the newly formed Team Rainbow Rocket in charge. Battle through two decades worth of enemies from Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Plasma and more. There is a new feature called the Battle Agency which pits you one-on-one against trainers but you may only use a couple of Pokémon at a time in an effort to earn cool prizes. The region has some hidden Totem stickers around and if you collect enough, you’ll get to own a Totem-sized Pokémon! Also, watch out for the amount of Legendary Pokémon that can be encountered. We learned previously traveling through wormholes can yield unsuspecting challenges. There will also be different Pokémon to encounter via the Island Scan system so you’ll be able to catch’em all over again.

Players can even pre-load the game starting now in Europe and Japan. Purchase and download the title ahead of time so you’ll be able to play the full version upon release. Doing so will even earn you a special 3DS theme to display on your home screen.

Check out a ton of trailers below for even more details on the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.