Get Together with Some Great Games in Latest Nintendo Advertisement

Nintendo is going all out this year to promote some of their biggest titles. Of course with the Switch being released back in March, there is still lots of fun to be had! Check out the latest promotional video to see what games you can play alongside with your friends and family.

The ad opens up with a father and son bonding over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the magic bringing a sword to life. Then, there are two players in the backseat of a car racing against one another in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as Bowser watches on. There are a few friends gathered around for few matches in ARMS with the winner revealing her inner-Min Min. Some kids are trying to one up each other on the field in FIFA 18 but can’t help from being part of the action. Then, sisters are flinging some ink in Splatoon 2 while making a bit of a mess. Take turns playing Super Mario Odyssey with your pals and the fun will literally take control of you! A few teens are training to be the best like no one ever was by going a few rounds in Pokk√©n Tournament DX.

There are all kinds of titles available for the Nintendo Switch to fit every gamers’ needs. Check out the montage below and play anywhere, at anytime, with anyone!