Overwatch Debuts New Stage and Hero at BlizzCon 2017

During BlizzCon, there are bound to be some huge surprises. Overwatch has been a popular game ever since its release. Now, fans can look forward to their world expanding in new ways!

A brand new stage was shown off at the event. Blizzard World takes many aspects from various Blizzard titles and puts them together into a theme park setting! Hearthstone Tavern can be visited, arcade games are displayed and of course there are thrilling rides to check out. Blizzard World is a hybrid map allowing for assault and payload gameplay. It is all set to go live in early 2018 while attendees get to check it out on the showroom floor.

Because the game is made up of heroes, it’s only fitting to debut a new playable character. Moira is quite the witching woman. She’s an ambitious Talon geneticist who has a knack for some shadowy powers mixed with science. Moira has the ability to heal, put someone to sleep and teleport through mid-air with the Fade ability. Fans will be able to check out this powerful support class hero in the near future!