Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2 Soundtracks Coming to Vinyl

It’s a rarity that a game’s soundtrack becomes more memorable (and perhaps stands as superior quality) to the very game they’re attached to, but it seems that’s exactly the case with the music to both Sonic Adventure and its sequel Sonic Adventure 2. Two games whose music and lyrics, to this day, haven’t lost their appeal and sense of “cool”. And now, record label Brave Wave have today announced that, in collaboration with Sega, the music to both games is getting remastered for vinyl. Both sets will come in a 2xLP set comprised of a selection of either game’s more memorable tracks. You can read up on the official track-listing for either soundtrack in the official press release here.

Both soundtracks are accompanied by a booklet featuring an interview with Sonic composer and sound director Jun Senoue, as well as song lyrics and character art. The first pressings will also come as colored vinyl — Adventure being in a set of blue and white LPs with Adventure 2 coming in blue and red. Future pressings thereafter will revert to the standard black. Both soundtracks are scheduled for a Winter release this year.