November’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Dead Rising, Shadow Tactics, More

Alright, so it’s time once again to virtually unbox the latest Humble Monthly bundle, and let’s not lie, it’s going to feel awkward with the next couple of bundles knowing that IGN has purchased Humble, leading us all to wonder if the Humble Monthly offering will be affected in any way. And indeed, this particular batch of game feels…different. More than previous offerings. We’re not sure is this was all set in stone before IGN made the purchase, but notably, while this month offers more games than usual, there appear to be three sets of two or more games from three different publishers, as if to serve as mini-bundles within a bundle. Does this strategy work or not? As a whole, probably, but it may not make the best impression for the service going forward.

Let’s start off with what we knew was coming in Bethesda’s corner, and where fans of Humble have shown concern. We get MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, with a Bristlegut Pig Vanity Pet, 750 Crowns, and fifteen days of ESO Plus included, special content for the free-to-play card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends that includes an Event Ticket, 2 Heroes of Skyrim Card Packs, 100 Gold, and 100 Soul Gems, and a version of the Early Access hero shooter Quake Champions that has Ranger and BJ Champions, 50 Shards, 100 Platinum, and 2000 Favor. And while these are all arguably good games, you may have noticed that between ESO Plus, a free-to-play title with in-game purchases, and a multiplayer shooter with only two out of eleven characters, among other thing, that all of these games are trying to entice you to spend more money on top of the subscription fee you’re already paying to get them. Oops.

Then we get to Capcom’s corner, where they’re ready with entries from their two major franchises involving zombies. Unfortunately for some, Resident Evil is represented by one of its most divisive entries, Resident Evil 5 (the Gold Edition, complete with the two extra chapters of story DLC), AKA the one with the extremely awkward co-op and inventory management. To make up for it a bit, though, Dead Rising is represented by its best entry, Dead Rising 2, allowing you to gleefully massacre thousands of zombies in a Las Vegas expy.

Suprisingly, it’s Daedalic Entertainment in the third corner as the publisher with the most solid batch of offerings overall. Right out of the gate, we get last year’s much-acclaimed tactical stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, allowing you to indulge in Edo-era espionage, and Silence, the stylish fantasy graphic adventure that serves as a sequel to The Whispered World, a previous hit. With these two alone, the indie publisher has made this month’s bundle worth it, arguably.

That’s not to say we don’t have any room left over for other indies, as we still have yet to get to the fourth corner of this metaphorical ring. In it, we see space being shared by emotional IM-themed adventure game Emily is Away Too, the successor to the hit original game, and World to the West, the action adventure title inspired by pulpy European adventures comics. And as usual, we have the Humble Original, this time being the puzzle-platformer/organization simulator Wilmot’s Warehouse.

Overall, a slightly rocky start for this new chapter in Humble’s history, but one with enough good games to still make everything worth it. Hopefully things will improve for December’s batch, though having the now-polarizing H1Z1 as the first revealed game that new subscribers and early payees can unlock may be another misstep. Still, let’s hope for the best, and we’ll see you next time!