Street Fighter x Naked & Famous Denim Introduce World to Ryu, Guile Jeans

While jeans have been scientifically proven to be the best bottoms a person can wear, from functionality to overall appeal, there’s one variety that reign supreme: raw denim. If you haven’t gotten on the raw denim bandwagon, you should do so soon, as their top quality construction and fades ensure a high quality long lasting pair of jeans so long as you take them off sometimes to avoid crotch blowouts. Making the the decision even easier for gamers and lightening veteran raw denim enthusiasts’ wallets even more, Capcom and Naked & Famous Denim — one of the top specialty denim producers in the world — are teaming up to create one of the first jeans/video game mashups with the one and only Street Fighter.

The collaboration kicks off with the Ryu Hadoken Selvedge and Guile Sonic Boom Selvedge denim which utilize Japanese stretch selvedge and come in at a medium-weight 12.5oz (this author tries to avoid anything lower than 12oz these days due to aforementioned crotch blowouts). The¬†Ryu Hadoken Selvedge fabric is woven with an uneven bumpy texture to represent the ruggedness of Ryu. The character’s famous Hadoken fireball technique is symbolized throughout the jeans, with interior weft yarns dyed pale blue, the cuffs and coin pocket sport a metallic-blue selvedge edge and its icon is even embroidered on the back pocket. Most important of all is a natural vegetable tan leather patch sewn on the backside featuring an embossed blue foil illustration of Ryu performing the Hadoken. Finally, the inside of the jeans pockets are screen-printed with Ryu in his Shoryuken dragon punch action pose.

The Guile Sonic Boom Selvedge are quite similar to Ryu’s, but utilize denim woven from Texas Cotton to symbolize Guile’s American roots. Much as the Ryu jeans symbolize his Hadoken, the Guile jeans do the same with that character’s famed Sonic Boom, meaning that most of the edging is gold. A cool feature that sets Guile’s pair apart is the lining and pocket bags are a camouflage print.

The Ryu jeans come in three flavors — Easy Guy (a relaxed fit best for guys with a big behind and thighs), Super Skinny Guy (skinny jeans) and Weird Guy (a great all around fit and this author’s cut of choice) — while the Guile jeans will be available in Super Skinny Guy or Weird Guy. The jeans will be available for sale in late November in specialty denim stores and on Tate & Yoko. They will likely sell out within hours if not minutes, so be sure to order as soon as they become available.

Naked and Famous has stated that there will be four drops for this capsule collection: Holiday 17, Spring 18, Fall 18, Spring 18. There will be more character denim — two of which are hinted to be Akuma and Cammy — and even shirts at a later date.

The jeans will cost $184 per pair and can be purchased online once available over at the aforementioned Tate & Yoko.

We’ll try to get our hands on a pair of the jeans and report back our thoughts — but as a quick subjective aside, Naked and Famous is a great brand that features the most fun raw denim designs in the industry. Their jeans are as stylish as they are functional, and a combination with Street Fighter should make for a special collector’s item in the video game world, worthy of owning even without the Street Fighter connection.

Check out pictures of the denim below. Naked and Famous has also released a 16-bit inspired video showing off the Ryu and Guile denim that can be seen below. If that’s not enough, all the effort that went into the denim as well as a few hints at what’s to come in the collection can be seen in Naked & Famous’ podcast below that.