Seven Deadly Sins Present Britannia in New Trailer

The manga and anime series, Seven Deadly Sins features a wide variety of different characters, as well as a collection of strange places. The series is receiving a game: Seven Deadly Sins – Knights of Britannia. The series locale of Britannia is more or less an medieval Britain, just with monsters and several different people who are simultaneously old and young, but in possession of incredible power. Similar to other Shounen genre adaptation games, Seven Deadly Sins means to feature a large cast of playable characters in a fast-paced, explosive sort of action-combat game. The Seven Deadly Sins themselves are a group of the strongest warriors in Britannia. But that was before the series begins, now they resurface, having been disbanded by the Holy Knights for a crime they did not commit.

See a trailer for Seven Deadly Sins below. Seven Deadly Sins is out next year on February 9, for PlayStation 4.