Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Goes into Pre-Registration

The  upcoming mobile version of last year’s Final Fantasy XV is nearly upon us. Square Enix has announced today the the Android version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has gone into pre-registration via the Google Play Store, allowing those who register to get up-to-date information prior to the game’s release.

Square Enix has also laid out how the game will be sold, both in individual episodes, and a complete package option. For those who just want to try it out, the first episode is free:

Individual Episodes All Episodes
Ep 1 FREE $19.99
Ep 2 $0.99
Ep 3 $0.99
Ep 4 $3.99
Ep 5 $3.99
Ep 6 $3.99
Ep 7 $3.99
Ep 8 $3.99
Ep 9 $3.99
Ep 10 $3.99

Finally, a new trailer has been released for the game, showing off even more gameplay of the transition down to a smaller screen. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be available sometime this fall on iOS and Android, with a Windows 10 version coming in winter.