EA Acquires Respawn Entertainment

EA has today announced that it has officially acquired Respawn Entertainment. While the company has previously published the studio’s previous titles — notably Titanfall as well as its much-acclaimed sequel — the developer it seems now flies under the EA banner and joins the likes of Bioware as a fully, wholly-owned studio. Though Respawn’s lead Vince Zampella, writing on the developer’s official blog, appears to maintain this as a positive step, many fans and onlookers alike may not share that same sentiment. EA have confirmed that the publisher will pay more than $150 million upfront with an additional $164 million paid through long-term equity in the form of restricted stock to employees. This could rise by a further $140 million if certain production milestones are met in regards to future projects up until the end of 2022.

It was only recently that EA shut down Visceral Games, even during the studio’s active development on a still-untitled new Star Wars project. Plus given EA’s track record of acquiring studios only to shut them down or have a hefty sway in the development of future projects, it goes without saying that the reaction from consumers may not be the one both EA & Respawn are expecting.

Zampella has stated that the acquisition will not affect either future work on the Titanfall series, the studio’s own Star Wars project currently in development or any other new IP’s Respawn may carve out. But of course that can all change in due time. Let’s hope that this latest studio acquisition can provide us with a bit more of a positive outcome for EA.