Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Shows New Z-Move for Mimikyu

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are releasing next week but we’re still getting news on the games! Now, it has been revealed that a brand new Z-Move will be available. We’ve gotten a look at other Z-Move releases for the games just months ago, but that obviously wasn’t the last.

In the video released today, viewers got to see Mimikyu in action performing its signature attack. It sneaks around the battlefield causing the opponent to become nervous. Then, Mimikyu launches from behind and envelops the target in its cloth. It proceeds to pummel and then fling the enemy Pokémon away. The English name is Let’s Snuggle Forever and is a Fairy-type attack since it’s super effective on Tyranitar.

Showing off new a new move this late is exciting as there could be even more to come. Plus, it was nice to not be completely spoiled with information beforehand. Check out the footage below for a look at the new move.