Suzaku’s Sense Aims to Fuse Cyberpunk with Ghost Stories

Inspired by video game and non-video game entries, from the likes of Fatal Frame to Bladerunner to Ghost in the Shell, Suzaku is aiming to combine the aesthetic of both cyberpunk and ghost story-like story-telling with their latest 2.5D adventure-styled title, Sense. Or to state its full and proper title: Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Adventure. Taking place in Neo Hong-Kong in 2083, players take the role of Mei-Lin Mak, a young woman with augmented eyes who finds herself pulled into a centuries-old supernatural mystery.

The project’s Kickstarter has just gone live and you can see the game in action as well take a glance at the intended neon-lit art-style that combines hand-drawn and digital visuals alike. The game is currently targeting a release on PC with stretch-goals aiming to bring the game to PS4, Vita and Switch. Check out the game’s initial story trailer below.