Vampyr Won’t See Any DLC and That’s Just Fine

Anticipated title from developer Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr is moving along smoothly and still looking to hit that Q1 2018 release window. As for what comes after Vampyr is released, well, Dontnod isn’t planning on any DLC.

In an interview with MCV, Dontnod breaks down their vision and goals for upcoming Vampyr, and how creating a smaller game means higher quality. Much like Ninja Theory’s, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice which released earlier this year, Vampyr aims to be a quality game without the triple A title.

“Our budgets, even if they do increase, are that of games filling the space between blockbusters and independent games. It is true that the game is impressive and has a strong personality, but because of its budget, it is not a triple-A. However, the universe, theme and quality of the game all allow it to exist in stores next to the blockbusters.”

Once Vampyr hits the digital shelves, it will only need to sell around a million copies to be considered a success. With the talk surrounding Vampyr, Dontnod isn’t worried in the slightest, with the delay of pushing it back till 2018, a smart development choice that has allowed Dontnod to put in the work needed to deliver the game they want to present.

In a time where talks of the single-player game being dead are rampant, Vampyr holds its ground. Dontnod has no plans of releasing DLC for the game, a sequel would be nice, and if they can sell that million copies it will be more than possible.