Fictional Fantastical Fights Make up Splatoon 2’s Next Splatfest

Big competitions and extreme players love taking Splatoon 2 to the next level. While the battle over turf in Splatoon 2 is far from fake, the next Splatfest event is made up of two novel ideas. It will pit Sci-Fi against Fantasy in an epic showdown!

Whether its a movie, television show, comic book, video game or novel, these two genres are always on top! Sci-Fi contains the likes of Darth Vader, Superman, Captain Kirk and Godzilla. Meanwhile, Fantasy has Link, Gandalf, King Arthur and Robin Hood. Imagine those two teams pit against one another in Splatoon 2! Things may be lopsided but it’s all up to the fans and which side they choose.

Splatfest begins next Friday, November 17 at 9PM PT. Sign-up as soon as possible so you can add more abilities to your gear!