Little Nightmares DLC ‘The Hideaway’ Now Available

Little Nightmares is pretty stressful and invokes a lot of pressure to escape. Back in July came the first round of DLC in the form of the Depths featuring various water-based problems. Now, fans of the nightmarish platform puzzler can look forward to a new chapter.

In the Hideaway, the Runaway Kid has escaped the frying pan and must find a new way out of the Maw. The only way to do so is by teaming up with the little Nome characters. There are several puzzles to solve only by using teamwork. Push, pull, climb and follow in order to make progress. Have a look at the trailer below for some of the situations Runaway Kid and Nomes find themselves in. Hopefully everyone makes it out alive!

The final round of DLC is set to release in February. For now, players can check out The Hideaway on PS4, Xbox One and PC.