Snipperclips Plus Cut It Out, Together is Now Available

Tear up some fun with a partner in Snipperclips Plus! The first half of Snipperclips released alongside the Switch back in March which we found it to be quite an enjoyable experience. Now, fans can check out even more content in the DLC addition.

In Snipperclips Plus, there are a couple of new worlds and 40 levels to check out. Different stages have been added to Party and Battle mode. Your playable characters will even change shapes throughout the levels which adds a whole new challenge to the game. A fun Stamp mode allows everyone to join in and create a cool photograph that can be uploaded to social media.

All these can be purchased separately if you already own Snipperclips. Or, pick it up in an all-in-one order via the Nintendo eShop or retail locations. Have a look at all the listed features and more in the trailer below.