2017 League of Legends All-Star Results

Season 7 is in the books, a new champion has been crowned, and the results for the All-Star tournament have been tallied.

The All-Star event is an awesome time for some truly fun League of Legends. Nothing serious is on the line and you get to see your favorite players battle it out in a 1v1 tournament. I say your favorite players and hopefully they all made it because everyone had an opportunity to vote on who appears. Below is a list of who will be representing NA in the event.

  • Top – Hauntzer
  • Jungle – MikeYeung
  • Mid – Bjergsen
  • ADC – Sneaky
  • Support – Aphromoo

You can find the full list of this year’s participants here. This year the All-Star tournament will be held in Los Angeles, California and run from December 7-10.